Focus On Quality

In-House UTM

Advantage of having a universal testing machine in-house is that it can be used to perform a variety of tests. We can use it at any given point for a variety of different tests such as tensile testing, sheer testing, compression testing, peel testing, bend testing, puncture testing, etc. to ensure that we're sticking to customer's requirment.


In-House Spectrometer

Having an OES machine In-House has further enabled us to check the chemical composition of every lot of Raw Material that we recieve.This encompasses better processes being instituted. If one catches a potential defect at the point it’s being produced, it could be addressed there and then, ensuring it doesn’t consume more capital as it continues through the process – and ultimately ensuring that the final product is always good enough to pass the Final Quality Check (FQC). This ensures that First Time Right (FTR) is high.

Three-Step Quality Control

For us, quality is everything. That is why we've implemented a multiple stage quality checkpoints throughout our different operations whether that's while receiving the raw material or dispatching an order - we make sure that what you recieve is of the highest quality & to your specification.